LABA Races CBR #2 | July 11, 2021

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Zachary Chien, Rider

I am glad and grateful to say that CBR #2 this last Sunday was a successful event for the team. Besides being a safe and educational race day, we achieved some strong results. Mateen raced Cat. 4 and Cat 4/5, and the rest of us raced in the Cat 4/5. Mateen finished with a solid 13th place in the Cat 4 race, and achieved 7th in the subsequent Cat 4/5 race. 

The Cat. 4/5 race was faster than I expected, but I myself was also slower than expected – I’d been struggling with a knee injury leading up to the race, which certainly wasn’t insignificant to my performance. As a team, we lacked full manpower due to the crashes of CBR #1. Short three riders, it was impossible to operate with the efficiency and organization we had in CBR #1. Despite these setbacks, we gave it our all and ended with a productive, high-quality race day. 

See you again on July 24th.


Full results:

Cat 4

Mateen Richey – 13th 

Cat 4/5

Mateen Richey – 7th

Zachary Chien – 22nd

Nicolas Alonso – 43rd

Diego Rivera – 51st