LABA Earn-a-Bike program is an earn and learn introductory course for youth ages 12-18

  • The program covers basic bicycle maintenance and mechanical skills, safe riding instruction and an introduction to business operations
  • Throughout the course each young person will learn how to deconstruct and rebuild a bicycle.
  • We employ a hands-on curriculum “i.e. a skill is demonstrated, taught, and then applied”… This approach involves developing both the theoretical and technical applications of bicycle repair and builds the confidence and familiarity of how components and parts function and how to fix and maintain the complete bicycle
  • All of the bicycles are donated
  • Once a student earns 20 hrs, she/he will select a bike (bmx,road or mountain)
  • The final 5 hrs of teaching and wrenching will be applied to getting this bike tuned up and ready for any adventure.
  • At the completion of 25hrs the young person will be able to take the bicycle home, along with a lock and helmet
  • The completion of the Earn-a-Bike Program will take 5 to 6 weeks


Objective 1 – To build confidence and self sufficiency around bicycle maintenance.

Objective 2 – To create entrepreneurship and career opportunities in the bicycle industry.